Add Colour To Your Home

Our Because Colour Matters campaign is in full swing now, and we’re encouraging people to add a splash of color in to their home. For some, the idea of having a bold colour in the home can be quite daunting but we’re here to help make it easier for you and to show you what a difference it can make to a room.

You can paint a feature wall a bold colour, a piece of furniture, the stairs, or even have a quirky wallpaper, it’s totally up to you. By adding a touch of colour to your home you can really show off your own style. We have gathered some fantastic images of colour to help inspire you for your home makeover. Scroll down to lust over some examples, and follow our Because Colour Matters board on Pinterest.

For the pink, to create a similar look use Can Can 1131 from Colourtrend.

You don’t always have to paint the whole wall one colour. By adding a small design in a pop of bright colour against a neutral background will instantly bring the room to life.

Use Tilbury Teal from the Dulux Moda range to create a similar look.

A deep bold colour makes for the perfect feature wall. The focal point of the room is where your feature wall should be, a wall that maybe has the tv on it, or the headboard for your bed.

To create a similar look us Green Gone Wild 0774 from Colourtrend.

Sometimes our bathrooms can get quite neglected. To spruce it up with no hassle why not paint the bathtub?

Torc from Colourtrend’s Contemporary range will create a comparable look.

Wallpaper is a great way of adding a bit of character to a room. Check out our ultimate guide to wallpaper here.

For a deep purple try Tokyo Flag from the Dulux Signature range.

Adding a deep shade of colour adds warmth, luxury and coziness to a room. Don’t forget to consider the size of your room and the lighting before adding a dark colour to make sure it enhances the rooms features, without hiding them.

A comparable colour is Orange You Happy 0970 from Colourtrend.

Give your friends and family a colourful welcome in to your home with a painted door. Dare we say you can also make your neighbours very jealous?

To create a similar look use Exorbia and Night & Day, both from the Dulux Signature range.

You might not think about the stairs much, but if they’re painted a great colour it can be a fantastic edition to your home. A bright colour looks great against a neutral background.

Circus wallpaper from Cole & Sons. Available in your local Pat McDonnell Paints store.

We love this wallpaper! So much so that we have used it in a couple of our stores, have you spotted it?

Use Green Eggs & Ham from Dulux Signature range for a comparable look.

To totally brighten up a room a shade of yellow is a great way to go. The touch of hot pink compliments it beautifully, really adding some personality in to the room.

If you have any questions about the colours or wallpapers mentioned in this blog please do not hesitate to contact us. To find out more about our Because Colour Matters campaign, and to enter our Transformation Tuesday competition for a chance to win a colourful prize, click here.

If you would like some advice before you redecorate your home you can book an appointment with one of our Colour Consultants in your local store by clicking here.

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